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When I came up with the idea of an Ovechkin videos site two games into Ovechkin's career, it was a small personal project (as you could tell from my previous rh71.com/projects URL). I never thought it would grow to this scale and draw as much of my time as it has, though I am enjoying it.

We all have Alexander Ovechkin to thank for this show he has already put on in his short career in the NHL.

If you've been with me from the start, you probably know I've taken action to improve the site, thanks to your praises and recommendations along the way. The site will ALWAYS be free. I am a big fan, just like most of you.

With that said, creating these videos (no matter what they are) still take a bit of my time and resources. If you feel urged to donate in any small amount, it is of course appreciated and you will be acknowledged for it.

Thank you for visiting.
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